Plow To Pint®

Beer is social. We make drinkable beers that get people talking, all in 10-barrel batches under the close supervision of Master Brewer and Owner Deb Loch. Our brews may be traditional, like Cowbell Cream Ale®, non-traditional like our  inventive “Plow to Pint®” Series that uses the harvest of local farmers to create beers with a unique twist. We're beer for you!™


Plum Grisette   5.2% ABV | 18 IBU


Similar to a Saison in yeast and malt profile, Grisettes tend to be lighter bodied with a more prominent hop profile than their Belgian cousins. We’ve added a heap of Minnesota grown plums from Swenson Orchards to compliment the noble hops and distinctive Belgian yeast. Grisettes were originally brewed for the coal miners of Belgian’s Hainaut province, and the beer’s name (“little gray” in French) most likely referred to the miners’ appearance after a long day of work.