Seasonals & Specialties

When the seasons change, so do our beers. Check out our latest seasonal beer.

Imperial Smoked Chipotle Porter
(8% ABV | 54 IBU) 

Urban Growler_Chipotle Porter_2017-4.jpg

This ain’t your grandma's imperial porter: Chipotle peppers heat up your taste buds. Big and malty with assertive chocolate flavors and undertones of caramel sweetness followed by a wave of chipotle heat and savory smoke, the Imperial Smoked Chipotle Porter will leave you asking for more.

Bonfire Porter
(3.8% ABV | 35 IBU)


If you like campfires, roasted chestnuts or barbecue, this beer is for you.  Embrace the cold weather with this beer’s signature subtle smoke flavor and aroma balanced by light hop bitterness and rich dark malts.  With English yeast to boot, the warmth of this beer will help deliver you from the clutches of the MN chill.