Seasonals & Specialties

When the seasons change, so do our beers. Check out our latest seasonal beer.

(7.2% ABV | 24 IBU)

Urban Growler_Maibock_2017-1.jpg

Ahhh spring.  Maibock is a strong German golden lager for that spring season.  We stayed true to style and used the finest German malts & hops and a Bavarian yeast strain.  We brewed this early in the winter then lagered it for a few months. It’s well worth the wait.  This flavorful seasonal has a lightly bready malt character, with a Noble hop presence – making it the perfect early spring beer.


Cali Common
5.3% ABV | 33 IBU

Our California Common is crisp, clean and malty with a dry finish. Sweet caramel malts are balanced by the woody, herbal notes of the traditional Northern Brewer hops. A historic style that originated in the early pioneer days of California, a lager yeast is used, but fermented at warmer ale temperatures, giving the beer a unique depth of flavor. The perfect beer for the “in-between” season, this beer is here to help you eke out the last few weeks of winter.