Seasonals & Specialties

When the seasons change, so do our beers. Check out our latest seasonal beer.

Amber Skyline®
(5.6% ABV | 27 IBU)

Urban Growler_Amber Skyline_2016-2.jpg

This American Amber Ale is a sweet, malty, medium-bodied ale that presents a classic balance of malt sweetness and hop character with American Cascade hops providing a floral and citrus finish. With its vibrant sunset hues, Amber Skyline® is an easy drinking, balanced beer for all seasons. 

Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale
(5.6% ABV | 15 IBU)


A smooth Blonde Ale infused with vanilla and a special blend of light espresso roasts from St. Paul’s own TrueStone Coffee Roasters. Lactose adds a creamy subtle sweetness – the perfect brew!