Seasonals & Specialties

When the seasons change, so do our beers. Check out our latest seasonal beer.

(7.2% ABV | 24 IBU)

Urban Growler_Maibock_2017-1.jpg

Ahhh spring.  Maibock is a strong German golden lager for that spring season.  We stayed true to style and used the finest German malts & hops and a Bavarian yeast strain.  We brewed this early in the winter then lagered it for a few months. It’s well worth the wait.  This flavorful seasonal has a lightly bready malt character, with a Noble hop presence – making it the perfect early spring beer.


Jalapeño Cream Ale 5.4% ABV | IBU 20

Our very own Cowbell Cream Ale® made with fresh jalapeños.  The aroma screams something south of the Minnesota border and we’re not talkin’ Iowa.  The subtle warmth of this brew is still refreshing.


Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale   5.6% ABV | 15 IBU
A smooth Blonde Ale infused with vanilla and a special blend of light espresso roasts from St. Paul’s own TrueStone Coffee Roasters. Lactose adds a creamy subtle sweetness – the perfect brew!