Plow To Pint®

Beer is social. We make drinkable beers that get people talking, all in 10-barrel batches under the close supervision of Master Brewer and Owner Deb Loch. Our brews may be traditional, like Cowbell Cream Ale®, non-traditional like our  inventive “Plow to Pint®” Series that uses the harvest of local farmers to create beers with a unique twist. We're beer for you!™

Rhubarb Wit  5.1% ABV | 15 IBU


A Belgian Style wit ale that’s pale and cloudy in appearance.  The crispness and twang comes from wheat. The slight tartness in the background comes from Minnesota Rhubarb.  Highly carbonated and lightly spiced with orange peel and coriander, this is a refreshing summer favorite. The Rhubarb is from the Vang farm.


Blueberry Wheat   5.6% ABV | 10 IBU

A refreshing and cooling mid-summer beer, this Plow to Pint® favorite is brewed with dedication and love (as most of the beers are!). During the fermentation stage, this beer receives a generous dose of fresh blueberries harvested from the family-owned Highland Valley Farm. The result – an elemental, crisp wheat beer transformed into blueberry deliciousness topped by a gorgeous, frothy, lavender head.