Your support and the support of hundreds like you helped us to raise over $40,000 in just two months. We are floored and humbled. Thanks to your generosity we will be able to purchase a canning line and, hopefully, start canning early this summer. We are working on getting awards out, and thank you for your patience on that front. Scroll down to find out when to expect your award. Until then, the warmest thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts, and a shout out to all our supporters!

Scroll down for details on when to expect your rewards




We're working diligently to get rewards out to you as fast as humanly possible. So you know when to anticipate your reward, we've put together this list detailing expected ship/pickup dates. 

Available Now: rewards that you can pick up in the taproom now, or look for in the mail early next week

Canine Cowbell
Come in and pick up your Canine Cowbell any time, or look for it in the mail early next week. 
Important Note: If you purchase more than just the Canine Cowbell, all your items will be shipped together once they are available.

Taproom Takeover
Call us now or stop by during business hours to schedule your taproom party!

Growler Club for 1 Year
Come in and pick up any time, your gift set is ready and your growler is waiting to be filled with beer!

Brewmaster for a Day
Call us now or shoot us an email so we can start planning your epic brewing adventure together!


Look For It In the Mail

First Pint for Life
Look for your elite all-access life membership card in the mail next week! Free pints start as soon as you stop by the taproom during business hours with your card in hand.

A Pint on Us
Look for your voucher in the mail next week and come in during taproom hours to get a pint on us!

First Dibs on Limited Release & Special Edition Beer
Look for your First Dibs Card in the mail early next week. Your card will let you cut the line whenever we have a special release, and you’ll have exclusive access to pre-order limited bombers for life!

First Week of March

Your limited release t-shirt will be available to pick up at the taproom starting the first week in March. We’ll be shipping t-shirts out the same week for those of you who chose to have your reward shipped.

Your limited release hoodie will be available to pick up at the taproom starting the first week in March. We’ll be shipping hoodies out the same week for those of you who chose to have your reward shipped.

Your limited release, hand-numbered poster will be available to pick up at the taproom starting the first week in March. We’ll be shipping posters out the same week for those of you who chose to have your reward shipped.


First Week in April

Can Glass
Your 16 oz. limited release Cowbell Cream Ale can glass will be available to pick up at the taproom starting the first week in April. We’ll be shipping glasses out the same week for those of you who chose to have your reward shipped.


Saturday, June 3

Beer Brunch
Your epic beer brunch event will take place Saturday morning on June 3. We’ll have your name on our list, so you don’t have to worry about printing a ticket—just show up, have a good time, and eat your face off!


Late June

Launch Party
If all goes well, the canning line should be in-house, up and ready to launch late June, which means we’ll invite you to the exclusive launch party for a first behind-the-scenes look of the canning line and a rip-roaring good time with the Urban Growler team.

Name on Canning Wall
If all goes well, we’ll get our first delivery of freshly-minted Cowbell Cream Ale cans in-house late june, which means your name on a can and that can proudly displayed on the wall beside the canning line.


Thank you to all our supporters!

Mark A Reynolds
Kent York
Aaron Anderson
Kat Rundquist
Elizabeth Foster
Annie Holicky- Michaels
Barb Stahl
Jo Ann Buysse
A K Dayton
Michaela Stefanick
Kathleen Klis
Mike Burns
Sandra Jacobs
David Korte
Jennifer Lucke
Barb Kalvik
Christine Phelps
Sarah Wisner
Diane Koch
Thomas Kiekhafer
Nancy Kelly
Jayne Solinger
Beth Sorensen
Christine Reisdorf
Sharon Dexheimer
Travis Dow
Hassan Saffouri
Timothy Nelson
Jay Brandell
Marlys Schmitt
Pamela Petersen
Richard Howey
Joel Clemmer
Bob Betcher
Hattie Dambroski
Ann Stewart
Janice Cix
Jean Andreasen
Michael Roehr
Anna Norstedt
Karen Alsop
Ethan Kuehl
Ethan Boatner
Deb Anderson
Janis Verruso
Dot Belstler
Elise Pavlak
Elizabeth Tupper
Sara Smith
Lisa Biemann
Sarah Hartung
Samantha Solberg
Roxanne Cornell
Laura Zieske
Elizabeth Landahl
Jewelie Grape
Kathleen Adamsick
Jennie Chacon
Mary Mcdiarmid
Karen Jahimiak
Patrice Mikulay
Christine McDonald
Jennifer Lucke
Bette Baxter
Jen Parnes
Anne Kilzer
Baubak Azar
Kate and Mark Mabel
Mary Doerr
Holly Blades
Carole Evenchik
Fernando Prieto
Polly Franchot
Joseph Worley
Niles Deneen
Nancy Sansone
Sally Witham
Jillian Hiscock
Trish Jaeb
Tanya Shipkowitz
Bruce Browning
Cheryl Rowekamp
Margie Bodas
Mary Beth Schaefer
Jim Hulbert
Melanie Jaeb
Kevin Myren
Jenna Kurzeka
Sarah Drilling
Genevieve Gallagher
Roger Traeger
Matt Koehmstedt
Holly Pierson
Lynn Riskedal
Chris Pederson
Paul Reyburn
James Gullickson
Michelle Beeman
Nicole Mickelson
Daniel Wunrow
Linda Bloudek
Holly Simons
Pamela Looney
William Glaves
Albert Correa
Shauna Bridger
David Clapp
Chriss Joyce
Marc Isaacson
Mary Smith
Chris Carter
Brooke O'Neill
Amy M Rice
Kent Talbert
Nels Erickson
Matthew Durante
Andrea Snowden
Doug Bloemke
Kathleen Gjerde
Will Quast
Heather Steiner
Linda Franke
Mindy Hilgendorf
Debby Bagaason
Anne Schuld
Molly Warnke
Geraldine Conradi
Ashlee Connett
Katherine Dietrick
Patrick Hlavacek
Brittnee Dawson
Maria Westphal
Karlyn Eckman
David & Mary Westphall
Robert Kampa
John Palumbo
Dave & Linda Krogstad
Deb Allyn
John T Pugaczewski
Jordan Goetz
Michael Petersen
Mauri Petersen
Susan Keirstead
Angie Alwin
Mary Vincent
Jo Ann Buysee
Cindy Tritz
Sharon Vorlicky
Simon Koch
Shaun Flandrick
Mike St Martin
Diana Sepac
Eric Gazet
Betty Wheeler
Laura French
Danielle Wagner
Laura Backman
Alysha Mcclain
Diane Lawrenz
Brian Tri
Karin Tellekson
Dian Bergman
Megan Huff
Sarah Swenty
Julie Dahlberg
John Pribble
Lisa Beckstrom
Kim Pederson
Jim Pierce
Cindy & Mark Walsh
Hazel Belvo
Marcia Cushmore
Jenny Witschen
Susan Piva
Annie & Pat Hartman
Kathie Pugaczewski
Michelle Beeman
Linnea & Rob House
Kevin Power
Sandy & Joe Martin
Gregory Stanek & Hannah Barrows
Joyce Halverson & Helen Warren
Brian O'Connell
Jill & David Romans
Mary Russell
Kelly & Clint Beakey
Linda Lokensgard
Laura Gould
Patty & Rosie & Emma Bronson & Neher
Rick Franzen
Bjorn Semkow
Scott Kurtz
Bill Vanderwall
Sarah Hustad
Daniel Radke
Karol Smith
Larissa Minicucci
Richard Johnson
Kerrin Brelje
Edward Eichstadt
Abby Gesche
Ronald Peterson
Amy Sparks
Alan Flory
Anne Klueh
Angela Elliott
Alan Flory
Patrick Hunziker
Mauri Petersen
Michael Petersen
Faye Thompson
Derek Hughes
Margaret Olson
Heather Bantle
Melanie Tauring
Julie Hanson
Ethan Kuehl

We couldn't have done it without each and every one of you! THANK YOU!