Hayloft Series™

Be the first to sample one of our experimental small batch beers we call the Hayloft Series™. Before we go big, we brew small. We make these pilot brews in small batches from 15 gallons up to 3 barrels. This allows us to test out different ingredients, develop new techniques for our sometimes crazy brews, and do good ole fashion taste testing. Tell us what you think.


Oktoberfest 6.5% ABV | 23 IBU

Brewed with German malts, this fest bier comes to the party with a strong floral polka over the tongue, leaving a malt finish that will tell your mouth, “Prost!”.


Key Lime Pie Ale  5.3% ABV |  10 IBU 

Sometimes, we like to drink our dessert. Lime, graham crackers, and lactose create a refreshing blonde ale that is tart and subtly sweet.