Hayloft Series™

Be the first to sample one of our experimental small batch beers we call the Hayloft Series™. Before we go big, we brew small. We make these pilot brews in small batches from 15 gallons up to 3 barrels. This allows us to test out different ingredients, develop new techniques for our sometimes crazy brews, and do good ole fashion taste testing. Tell us what you think.

Vienna Lager
4.8% ABV | 18 IBU


This flavorful lager is crisp and clean with notes of toast and toffee. The Vienna Lager has an interesting history, being almost extinct in its native land but thriving in Mexico. Our Vienna Lager takes cues from its past and present, using the best European malt and hops combined with Flaked Maize that’s so often used in beers from the New World.

6.5% ABV | 23 IBU


Brewed with German malts, this fest bier comes to the party with a strong, floral polka over the tongue, leaving a malt finish that will tell your mouth, “Prost!”.  

Brut IPA
7% ABV | 10 IBU


Our Brut IPA is brewed to be exceptionally dry (think Champagne), with noticeable haze, low bitterness, and an explosion of pineapple and tropical hop flavor from an overabundance of El Dorado hops.