Hayloft Series™

Be the first to sample one of our experimental small batch beers we call the Hayloft Series™. Before we go big, we brew small. We make these pilot brews in small batches from 15 gallons up to 3 barrels. This allows us to test out different ingredients, develop new techniques for our sometimes crazy brews, and do good ole fashion taste testing. Tell us what you think.

Ramón Nut Stout Collaboration #2
5.6% ABV | 27 IBU

IMG_8325 (1).jpg

Notes of chocolate, coffee, and nuts pair fantastically with a full body stout. This is the second experimental recipe formulated with the amazing Ramón Nut. Brewed as a collaboration between Urban Growler Brewing Company, Rainforest Alliance, Teeccino, the University of Minnesota’s Master of Development Practice and Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Agricultural Management. Served on Nitro.


Imperial Red Ale
7.3% ABV | 55 IBU


A big, bold generously hopped American-style Red Ale with plenty to like. Red ales are a perfect balance of all of the things that make beer great. A huge amount of malt plays nicely with an overabundance of Amarillo hops. Neither takes top billing, but instead creates a superbly balanced, extremely approachable beast of a beer. Look for notes of caramel, biscuit, and toffee from the malt; floral, citrus, and apricot notes are provided by the hops.

Cali Common
5.3% ABV |  33 IBU


Our California Common is crisp, clean and malty with a dry finish. Sweet caramel malts are balanced by the woody, herbal notes of the traditional Northern Brewer hops. A historic style that originated in the early pioneer days of California, a lager yeast is used, but fermented at warmer ale temperatures, giving the beer a unique depth of flavor. The perfect beer for the “in-between” season, this beer is here to help you eke out the last few weeks of winter.

Hayloft Series™ Hazy Belgian IPA
6.5% ABV | 66 IBU

This deliciously balanced IPA features American Hops and an experimental yeast blend that imparts a sophisticated continental flair. Notes of citrus, caramel, lemon and bubblegum over a sturdy malt backbone and firm hop bitterness.