Hayloft Series™

Be the first to sample one of our experimental small batch beers we call the Hayloft Series™. Before we go big, we brew small. We make these pilot brews in small batches from 15 gallons up to 3 barrels. This allows us to test out different ingredients, develop new techniques for our sometimes crazy brews, and do good ole fashion taste testing. Tell us what you think.


Minnesota Mild Ale
(4.5% ABV | 15 IBU)

A robust but easy drinking malt-forward beer that features notes of toffee and caramel, with low levels of roast and hop bitterness. London Ale yeast and German noble hops add a subtle complexity. The quintessential English session beer, crushable in every season.

Ginger Snap Dubbel.png

Ginger Snap Dubbel
7.7% ABV | 17 IBU

Caramel brown with coppery-red highlights, sweet malt combines with the unique floral spiciness of our Abbey yeast strain, perfect to compliment the additions of candied ginger and baking spices.

Urban Growler_Honey IPA_2017-8 (1).jpg

Belgian IPA  
6.2% ABV | 60 IBU

This deliciously balanced IPA features American Hops and an experimental yeast blend that imparts a sophisticated continental flair. Notes of citrus, caramel, lemon and bubblegum over a sturdy malt backbone and firm hop bitterness.

Urban Growler_Chocolate Mint Porter_2017-2.jpg

Chocolate Mint Porter 5.6% ABV | 33 IBU

Chocolate. Mint. Porter. Need we say more?