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Note: I actually used the Northern Ale Guide this year and made it to just under half of the breweries who were included.  That’s a lot of free beer over the year and well worth it if you are like me and like the excuse to go explore a bit!  –Eric

For the last 10 years or so I’ve been publishing my top Minnesota brewery list.  As a super beer geek, beer blogger, podcaster, and homebrewer, I like this excuse to really think back to the past year’s beery adventures.  And I like to share.  Looking at the current MN brewery list it looks like I’ve been to just over 80 of them, but that leaves about 60 I haven’t been to yet!  I rate a brewery on a combination of beer quality (for style and for my personal taste), as well as the taproom experience if I’ve been there.  If I have lots of good experience with particular beers or breweries they are likely to get higher on my list than say… a sample I tried at a beer festival.  Your results may vary from mine, but hopefully this will either spark some lively debate or even prompt some of you to check these out.  Last year I got a lot of grief for not including a certain bearded Nordeast brewery from list, but hey at least I knew folks were reading the article and actually cared!  I also throw a few of my personal favorites from each brewery so you can see if your tastes align with mine.  Here goes, let loose the dogs of BEER!

23) Urban Growler (St. Paul):

Urban growler continues to be one of the more comfortable taprooms in the area.  With recent expansion and now packaging, we’ll hopefully be seeing more of this outside of St. Paul.  De-Lovely Porter, Pumpkin Saison. 

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