Dan Beaubien / January 30, 2019 / Craft Beer Events

Winterfest 2019 really came off without a hitch this year. The beers were superb, the food pairings made a lot more sense, and the crowd looked better than ever. The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild implemented after last year’s Winterfest and I think that they all made the festival a lot better.

Best Beers of Winterfest 2019


Urban Growler’s Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale & Chocolate Bouchon

I love a chocolate dessert with a nice cup of coffee. This pairing made me so happy. I had no idea what a Bouchon was, so I had to do some digging in one of my baking cookbooks. Apparently, it is a cork-shaped chocolate cake. Bouchon, the French word for cork, gives the dessert its namesake. This rich cake, dusted lightly with powdered sugar, was the perfect bite. The rich and perfectly baked cake went perfectly with the beer. The Vanilla Latte Blonde Ale has a nice sweetness to it that is deceptively crisp, thanks to the blonde Ale base. The crispness of the beer along with its coffee notes from the malt really heightened the rich and luxurious nature of the Bouchon. I would love to have these for dessert again and I hope that Urban Growler will bake some of these again.

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