11 Delectable Fried Fish Baskets

11 Delectable Fried Fish Baskets

The best fried fish found outside a church basement

by Joy Summers@JoyEstelle  Updated Mar 6, 2019, 2:12pm CST

So long Fat Tuesday and hello season of sacrifice. The Friday night fish fry is a staple of the season when so many choose to skip meat on the last day of the work week. Wander through Wisconsin and a person can't throw a walleye without hitting a church basement fish fry during Lent. Around here, these restaurants are serving the goods that will leave your finger tips salty and a big smile stretched from ear to ear. Whether eating seafood for religious reasons or just love the smell of fresh fried seafood, there's a restaurant waiting with a fat, hot basket of battered fish.

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5. Urban Growler Brewing Co.

This brewery in Saint Paul batters up perch for its fish fry. The little crispies are served up with coleslaw, fries and pumpernickel rye bread.