Dan Beaubien / August 1, 2019 / Craft Beer Events


The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild All Pints North 2019 is in the books. This amazing festival is the highlight of the Minnesota craft beer scene. The number of Twin Cities and beyond beer geeks that descend on Duluth for a weekend of fun is massive. This is not just a festival, it is a weekend filled with fun and beer.

My Favorite Beers of All Pints North

Drastic Measures Humble Mumble

I had so much fun chatting with Brett Doebbeling, the founder and brewer at Drastic Measures. This beer illustrates how gifted Brett is when it comes to brewing great beer. You might think that this beer would be too sweet, however, you would be wrong. This beer highlights the cookie flavors of the Oreo. There is a depth and complexity to this beer thanks to the dark chocolate and roasted malt character. If you consider this a pastry stout, I think that it is in the upper echelon of what that style should be. I could, and did, drink more than just a sample pour of this because there is nothing cloying about it.

Town Hall Brewery Kellar Weisn

If you want to chase trends, there are plenty of breweries that have you covered. However, if you want classic beers that can educate you about styles around the world, you need to go to Town Hall Brewery. I caught up with brewer, Derek Brown, and we chatted about the Kellar Weisn. The best way to describe this beer is a blond Oktoberfest. It was heaven. Crisp and clean with a wonderfully satisfying malt character. It is everything I like about an Oktoberfest minus the caramel. It was a perfect beer for the festival.

Urban Growler Brewing St. Citra Pale Ale

I have said for years that finding a great pale ale in Minnesota is tougher than finding a unicorn in your garage. That doesn’t mean that breweries don’t brew them, they just forget to brew them in a balanced way. Urban Growler impressed me with this pale ale that drinks bright, juicy, and balanced. It had a fresh citrus peel nature along with lots of citrus flesh sweetness. What put this beer on the board for me was its deft hop bitterness to make the finish dry enough to want to keep on sipping.

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