Our Team

We’re only as good as our team – and we have a great one. We’re fortunate to have surrounded ourselves, with a strong team, that not only works well together, but genuinely like each other. They all know a lot about their respective areas, but they have also been chosen for their people skills. They work hard everyday, to make us as good as we can be. Yep, there will always be things to improve upon, but when everyone works together, it’s a heck of a lot easier and a lot more fun.


Jesse Pittman: Head Brewer

Favorite UG Brew: De-Lovely Porter

Hobbies: The Arsenal, reading, family time, woodsy stuff, whisky, beer, travel

Favorite Book & Favorite Movie: the Oxford Companion to beer, The Big Lebowski

Ben Sacquitne: Brewer and Barrel Guy

Favorite UG Brew:  De-Lovely Porter

Hobbies: Brewing beer, "dadding", midwifery, outdoorsy stuff 

Favorite Movie: Princess Bride


Liz Foster: Events & Communications Manager, Cat-Herder, Chaos Coordinator

Favorite UG Brew: Sticky Rice (Always)

Hobbies: Reading, drinking craft beer, drinking champagne, dancing the Charleston

Favorite Quote: "Sometimes you just have to put some lipgloss on and pretend to be psyched." - Mindy Kaling

Favorite Movie and Book: Gone with the Wind

Julie Hays: Outside Sales Rep and Beerslinger 

Favorite UG Brew: De-lovely Porter

Hobbies: Tennis, drinking craft beer, bike riding, attending the statefair (yes that is a hobby)

Fun facts:  Number One KU Jayhawk Fanatic (Rock! Chalk! Jayhawk!)

Favorite Musician: Lucinda Williams

Thom Loch: Operations Manager

Favorite UG Brew: Jalapeno Cowbell Cream Ale

Favorite Non-UG Beverage: Dirty Martini

Fun Facts:  Relocated from San Diego to work at UG (thank goodness for that!)

Favorite Movie: Fargo 

Hobbies: Despising MN winters, cheering on the Packers, and golfing


Jim Weides: Chef

Favorite UG Brew:  Kentucky Uncommon

Hobbies:  Gardening, cooking, golf, bike riding, camping

Favorite Movie: Diner


Cory Stopka: Sr Operations Manager

Favorite UG Brew:  Cowbell Cream Ale...in cans...found in stores near you...stop reading and go buy some!

Hobbies: Traveling to National Parks with my wife Anna, playing with Penny our goofball of a dog, visiting MLB ballparks, volunteering, and drinking beer

Favorite quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle


Kabel Lefto: Assistant Taproom Manager

Favorite UG Brew: Golden Hammer IPA

Hobbies: Playing in bands, Building Legos, and trying new beers

Fun facts: I am ambidextrous

photo (3).JPG

John Bailey: Sales Representative

Favorite Brew: Kentucky Uncommon

My hobbies: Live music. I’m not sure how many shows I’ve been to. Hundreds for sure just at First Ave alone.  It feeds my soul. Support local music!!

Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Blade Runner and The Thing (80’s version) would have to be ranked as my fave films  

Fun Fact: I was a gymnast as well as played tennis.  Also trumpet. Total band geek.


Nick Kalkman: Assistant Brewer
Favorite UG Brew: De-Lovely Porter

Hobbies: Playing oboe and bass, writing music, frisbee golf, reading, going to breweries, watching Vikings and Twins games

Favorite Movies: Ip Man, Hot Fuzz

Favorite Book: House of Leaves

photo (9).JPG

Jackson Kolles: Brewer
Favorite brew: Golden Hammer

Hobbies: Breweries, listening to music and going to concerts, watching football (packers fan), grilling and road trips!

Favorite movies: Pulp fiction and dumb and dumber


Haan Van Der Wege: Manager on Duty and Official Front-of-House Human-tender.

Favorite Beer: Golden Hammer

Hobbies: Eating, drinking, sports, hard-core adventuring and canoodling. 

Fun Facts: Speaks Australian and sings a mean karaoke!


Ro Stangler: General Manager

Favorite UG Beer: Cowbell Cream Ale

Hobbies: Drink Cowbell Cream Ale, going to Pizza Luce.

Fun Facts: I love to buy retro doggy attire and watching people cry.


Rae Clarke: Sales Rep

Favorite UG Brew: Vienna Lager

Hobbies: Flying Airplanes

Fun facts or Favorite Movie (or book or quote): Love, love to travel, read, listen to any type of music. I'm a weather geek, crazier the better to chase.  


Sara Johnson: Manager/ Bartender/ Mischief Manager

Favorite Brew: Cloudy Sunshine NE IPA

Hobbies: painting, taking pictures, petting dogs, drinking beer, petting dogs while drinking beer

Fun fact: My dog’s name is Anikin and he’s pretty cool


Tom Schaffer: Sous Chef

Favorite UG brew: Endicott 2x IPA

Hobbies: Collecting records has been a long-standing one, going on 20 years. I've always got time for billiards, darts, board/video games, pinball, cribbage, pretty much whatever you can find in a brewery or dive bar!

Favorite author: Hunter S. Thompson

Favorite director/actor team: John Carpenter/Kurt Russell

Favorite quote: "Never refuse an act of kindness and never refuse a drink, under any circumstances". -Mark Twain