Founders & Community

Let’s just say, we wouldn’t be here without them. When we were denied by over 12 banks, we had to get creative. We found the perfect brewery space, negotiated a reduced rent for 1 year with hopes of raising a ton of money. We gave tours during that year of our empty brick shell and filled it with architecture drawings, big ideas, hopes and dreams. People came from near and far. They believed in our vision and wanted to help. Together over 50 of them - contributed their money, talents and the support we needed to get started. Some of the people were friends and family, others total strangers…. at first – now we call all of them friends. We acknowledge their support and belief in us with our Founders plaque on the wall in the taproom. Sometimes it takes a village to make things happen, and Urban Growler is just that.


Community Engagement & Partnerships

Below is a list of our current partnerships and community groups.